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Sunflower Body Wash

Wake up to a burst of sunshine with the bright, invigorating scent of orange, lemon and lime in our Sunflower Bodywash.This great smelling wash is also gentle enough for all the family, offering moisturising protection of cold pressed sunflower. Just a little on a sponge is enough to wash your whole body. Also, use Sunflower Bodywash as a safe alternative to children’s bubble bath and baby wash products. Click here for more details.

Darling Salt Glow

An eco-conscious body scrub made from environment-saving salt sourced from the troubled Murray-Darling Basin. Blended with nourishing organic coconut oil and delicious organic citrus and spice essential oils to exfoliate and revitalise your skin, leaving it feeling silky-soft and smooth. Click here for more details.

Cleansing Bar – Geranium 

Simple, pure, natural – and made from just two ingredients. Our cleanse bars use organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from the Pacific Islands, collected, grated, and cold-pressed within hours of opening the nut and the goodness of geranium oil. Complete with natural, sisal drawstring bags that provide superior exfoliation, these bars also make a thoughtful and pampering gift. Click here for more details. Also comes in Cleansing Tea Tree as well.


Roll on Deodorants

These products contain NO Aluminum, they are based on bi-carb soda, they have natural antibacterial ingredients, doesn’t block pores, are effective and long lasting that actually work! Are certified organic and come in 3 different varieties for you to choose from:
Ancient Spice – a blend of fresh citrus and spices.
Tahitian Breeze – a blend of intense floral and citrus
Aroma Free – no essential oils added


Intensive Body Cream

Based on cold-pressed organic avocado oil and shea butter. Nourishing for dry skin with phospholipids and vitamin rich ingredients. Rich, yet light and non-greasy, quickly absorbed. Organic food for the skin, anti-free radical (olive leaf antioxidant); Exotic fragrance from a propriety blend of organic essential oils. Can be used on children and is certified organic. Click here for more details


Belly & Breast Balm

For expectant Mums, minimises stretch marks, feels and smells divine and helps to prevent underlying tissue damage by stimulating skin renewal. Click here for more details.

Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm

Reflect Outdoor Balm

Natural minerals help reflect ultraviolet rays; SPF 15, organic olive oil to keep the skin supple, beta carotene to prevent skin damage caused by the elements and vitamin E to protect the skin from premature aging. Click here for more details.


Nourishing Hand Cream

Divinely perfumed with organic rose essential oil, ultra rich for dry chapped hands, organic shea butter to keep hands soft and smooth and is certified organic. Click here for more details


Luxurious Body Powder

Light luxurious texture, talc free, with pure certified organic
corn starch, helps absorb excess moisture, beautiful organic citrus, vanilla, and floral aroma. Can be used all over to pamper the
body (including feet). Safe for use on children. Certified organic ingredients. Click here for more details.


Oral Care  


Mint Toothpaste

No fluoride or SLS. Based on bi-carb soda (tooth cleaner & whitener), very low abrasive, natural antibacterial oils, salts and herbs kill germs that cause cavities. Neutralises plaque causing acids. Safe for children. Comes in 2 other great varieties: Lemon and Anise. Click here for details.


Freshening Mouth Wash

No alcohol. No fluoride or chloride. Contains herbals traditionally used for oral care. Contains plant extracts with anti-bacterial properties. Freshens mouth and breath. Clean mint flavour. Dilute to suit need and contains Celtic sea salt. Click here for more details.


Breath Fresh Spray

Handy 12ml size. Help kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and certified organic. Click here for more details.