“Essential oils are extremely complex substances, chemically speaking, and their effects on the body are both complex and subtle. If we imagine that healing is like opening a door, the action of a chemical drug is like that of a sledgehammer, while the action of an essential oil is like that of a key. The key is apparently much less powerful – it is very much smaller, and it is more difficult to demonstrate its effectiveness.

However, the key works very much ‘in harmony’ with the nature of the door; in fact the door-lock was made to receive a key. In opening the door the key proves its usefulness without the destructive, harmful effects of the sledgehammer” (Robert Tisserand wrote this in his book Aromatherapy for Everyone”

Modern research has validated the essential oil’s ability to strengthen the immune system and keep infections at bay. The essential oils are believed to work in such a way that they maintain vitality and balance in all the organs and systems of the body that are actively involved in fighting invading organisms and eliminating toxins.

Essential oils (applied to the skin with a carrier or vegetable oil) are able to penetrate directly to the site of infection by way of diffusion through the body tissues better than taking antibiotics via the mouth in order to find their way to the problem through the bloodstream!

It is now known that smell provides direct stimuli to the brain – a process of ‘olfaction’ – which is the scientific name for the sense of smell. Fragrance molecules reach the brain through the breathing process to the limbic system of the brain. As per diagram below: