My Miessence Story

Do you VALUE what goes into your skin? Are you always conscious of what you EAT? Do you care about our ENVIRONMENT? Talk to me about how to improve your HEALTH and WELL-BEING and how to make better SUSTAINABLE choices. You could receive up to 40% OFF the RRP as a Miessence Lifestyle member or by becoming a Miessence Independent Representative!

I stumbled across Miessence products while searching for Certified Organic Products through the ACO ( website. Why? I was in search of skin/body products that did not consist of nasty chemicals or synthetics toxins. While studying Aromatherapy, I learnt the chemical constituents in essential oils which, in turn, led me to find out more about the chemical constituents in our everyday body and skin care products that you would normally purchase form your local supermarkets or Pharmacy/Chemists.

I had tested and tryied other products that claim to be ‘organic’ over the past 2 years but nothing compares to the uniqueness of being certified, raw and pure like Miessence products.

Miessence products is not only good for you; whether it is taken orally (by way of their ‘superfoods’) or applied directly on your skin; but good for our environment as well.

I love the fact that Miessence provides products that are pure, raw and certified organic. I would like to share my Miessence experiences with other like-minded people who also are seriously keen on looking after their health and well-being. Click here to learn more on how it all began. Click here to purchase Miessence products.