Aromatherapy is the gentle science based on the use of essential oils derived from plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, and woods for the health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit. It is a practice of using essential oils for their therapeutic properties. Apart from their pleasing aromas, essential oils are valued for their potent cosmetic and therapeutic values. The essential oils are able to stimulate the body’s self-healing processes.

As a holistic Aromatherapist practitioner I nourish and balance the life force and vital energy. In order to be healthy, our perspective must change from illness orientation to health orientation. As an Aromatherapist I directly address and potentially satisfy these expectations and needs. I do this uniquely combining individual blends of oils with body contact therapy.

Essential oils are rich in energy, working in harmony with each other and in harmony with the body. They are extremely complex substances and very diverse in their effects.

The benefits of an Aromatherapy massage is that it directly stimulates the immune responses of the body. It also affects at a psychological level, enabling the mind to turn off negative thoughts and allows an individual the internal space to relax. An Aromatherapy massage strengthens the person’s energy level and thereby their self-healing potential.

Please note that the use of oils and massage alone are not necessarily considered a holistic healing art. The significance of aromatherapy as a holistic art lies in the uniqueness of each treatment, as opposed to a technique of massage or a standard prescription of ready-blended oils.